Trading Plan *Charts* (6/20/11)- Hang Seng China Index: Bear Continuation Or Sell-Off Exhaustion?

30-day (30-min) Chart: July Hang Seng Index Future

Shorting on fall of 21,500. But watch for sell-off exhaustion, early sign of which is a broadening price action after weeks of strong selling. As a general rule of thumb, get out on the 2nd to 3rd spike in volume. The bulls keep failing to break thru the heart-line of the Bollinger band. RSI is turning up from oversold condition.  The moving averages are very tight, signifying a continuation of the trend. The magnitude of the break-away gap is 1%, which is very significant in that the index only fell 8.6% during the 30-day period.

Broad market cannot rally without financials moving higher. And China Financials is near a 52-week low (support).

Hang Seng China H-Financials Index

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