Journal Entry (6/24)- To Go From 70.21% Weekly To 200% Overnight

1) I should not trade w/o setups (no time). But now when I make mistakes, I do breathing and relaxation exercises so that I am not letting my emotions interfere w/ my trading. People, in the normal, are more emotional and irrational when they are losing or winning.

2) All hogs and pigs were expected to be even w/ last year’s ahead of the H&P Report today. Without giving much thought, I open a long position. Wow!

3) Don’t forget to use the chart history as a guide e.g. if something is using the 50 day or band perfectly, chances are that it will continue to do so.

4) Channels, trend-lines, red on red

5) Double doji = reversal signal

6) tight ranges = the market is unsure of the direction, which could fall.

7) Take less risk

8) I jumped in a few trades without much thought to TA and fundamentals. It was important though to use tight stop losses and got in the morning before a trend break. Because as the opponents’ stop losses triggered (surrender) I noticed this on StockTwits and added positions.

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