8/21/2011 #Futures and #Forex Watchlist: Inside-Days, NR2, Shooting-Stars, 2-Bar ID, WS4, etc…

NR2 = narrowest daily range relative to the previous two days’ daily ranges compared individually. This is indicative of a loss of momentum on the inside day as the market take a breath, looking for a new direction the next day.

WS2 = widespread 4, a day with a daily range that is larger than any of the previous three day’s daily ranges.

2-Bar NR = the narrowest two day range relative to any two two day range within the previous twenty market days. In this

Fading price off the open after an expansion is a consideration (short the vertical) as the market tends to move against the previous day’s opening (news) move. Caution is necessary after expansion because this is when the most attention is given to the market by novice traders who invariably get caught in whipsaws and trendless markets.

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3 Responses to 8/21/2011 #Futures and #Forex Watchlist: Inside-Days, NR2, Shooting-Stars, 2-Bar ID, WS4, etc…

  1. lima99us says:

    $GBP/USD pair follows the world’s stock indices. $GBP excellent measure of risk appetite.

  2. lima99us says:

    Sell rallies up to the 84-85 levels $NZD/USD, daily chart has a shooting star inside day

  3. lima99us says:

    Crude and SPY seasonally approaching lows in Oct/Nov with upthrust in Sept… $AUD upthrust in sept/nov, early dec low… $GBP easing off Aug highs to Sept. low… late Sept $CAD high, late Nov lows… $EUR sept lows, Oct highs… $USD sept highs, Oct lows… $JPY moving towards Dec high… Corn moving towards Dec highs… Hogs moving towards Nov lows but spiked Dec highs (check Hogs and Pigs report)… Cattle downward rest of year… Lumber bottoming till a spike in Dec highs

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