Money Management Strategy and My “Vegas [Trading] Account”

1) As I fine-tune my technical analysis, I will add risk capital to my Forex trading account (50:1 leverage) every other month to increased the number of lots and diversification within the Forex.

2) By Spring, I aim to open another trading account of higher leverage called the “Vegas Account”.  High risk/high reward (leverage 200:1?).

2) My cash account will continue to bulk longer-term ETFs investments, commodities, and cash equivalents (zero leverage).

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14 Responses to Money Management Strategy and My “Vegas [Trading] Account”

  1. lima99us says:

    $USD/JPY highly sensitive (correlated) to interest rate expectations.

  2. lima99us says:

    $USD/JPY tight range = good for scalping = 3X lots size.

  3. lima99us says:

    Buy AUD/USD on breaks. Sell on close below parity level.

  4. lima99us says:

    EUR/USD to consolidate in the 1.37 to 1.45 range.

  5. lima99us says:

    EUR/CHF bottoming signals (volatility after a strong downtrend).

  6. lima99us says:

    USD/CAD buy on break of parity. Sell on cross.

  7. lima99us says:

    GBP/USD selling rallies as it is volatile and lower highs. Significant support just above 1.6. Almost a HnS forming on daily chart.

  8. lima99us says:

    JPY low correlation to $SPY

  9. lima99us says:

    $GBP 0.4 correlation to $SPY. 0.4-0.5 correlation to #Ag

  10. lima99us says:

    $AUD/USD Wait for confirmation on break below 1.0595 to improve the risk/reward parameters of the trade before considering pulling the trigger on a short position.

  11. lima99us says:

    My weakest positions are EUR/USD and AUD/USD which I shorted after listening to Twitter and at the bottom of the dips without any significan analysis of the charts.

  12. lima99us says:

    One step away from this big AUDNZD inverse H&S pattern from playing out with a break above 1.2675

  13. lima99us says:

    Don’t let my bias get in the way of trading. If a currency pair is moving fast, there is good reason behind it. Get out!

  14. lima99us says:

    Assume everything is a chop (range trading volatility) until unexpected gaming news.

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