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Money Management Strategy and My “Vegas [Trading] Account”

1) As I fine-tune my technical analysis, I will add risk capital to my Forex trading account (50:1 leverage) every other month to increased the number of lots and diversification within the Forex. 2) By Spring, I aim to open … Continue reading

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Journal Entry (9/3)- “In Success, Lies Seed of Your Future Failure”

I took a nap ahead of US Non-Farm Payroll release w/o setting an alarm. Despite weak stops shaking me out of CAD/JPY and NZD/USD shorts, I woke up late to see my trading acct. slightly jumped. This led me to … Continue reading

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$EUR/USD: Backtest Notes, 20 d 1h (8/27)

CONCLUSION:¬† At ST market tops and bottoms, DMI diverges on average 24.45, signalling that the market can no longer sustain the slope of the trend. A total of 10 flashes, with a low of 14 and a high of 35 … Continue reading

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#Silver Technical Analysis (8/23)

Expect continuation of uptrend once the correction is complete. Silver did bounced off prior support levels, also an area of confluence (see 1-hr chart comments below). That prior support level rests just above the 180-day EMA. The white metal finished … Continue reading

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What Elite Traders Read…

All got great reviews, from trading psychology to harmonic patterns/numbers [Updated 8/21/2011]. I plan to fetch a few as I’m not learning any advance follow-thru techniques thru the internet.¬†%5BFree%5D (understanding Harmonic Trading = $$$$) (Smarter Trading… … Continue reading

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Journal Entry (8/19)- This is How You Win!

I mostly journal (and comment) about my misbehaved trades. Why else but to… ? But today, I want to document a strategy I developed Friday, a mechanical currencies spread that works in volatile range bound markets. Firstly, I already identified … Continue reading

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8/21/2011 #Futures and #Forex Watchlist: Inside-Days, NR2, Shooting-Stars, 2-Bar ID, WS4, etc…

NR2 = narrowest daily range relative to the previous two days’ daily ranges compared individually. This is indicative of a loss of momentum on the inside day as the market take a breath, looking for a new direction the next … Continue reading

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