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Market Tops Series (Part 1): 8 Dollar Corn

While no two moments are exactly the same here are highlights of general market tops characteristics specifically for corn: 1) Later stage bases are more likely to fail and corn failed to form a 3rd base. 2) Fear is stronger … Continue reading

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Chart: $LE_F (Cattle) Looking To Move Off Its Base

Cattle Front Month:¬†One-Year Chart. Cattle has been basing for over a month now after parachuting to lows. I use the one-month chart to identify major moves. Changing conditions in the fundamentals could drive Cattle prices above 23/30 EMA. RSI indicator: … Continue reading

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Subtle Leading Indicators For Agriculture

In re-reading the first book I’ve ever read on commodities trading, I gleaned a few points worthy of noting. These less known leading indicators (a few I’ve discovered on my own) should help guide you in trading in agriculture markets. … Continue reading

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