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Don’t Fall In Love With A Drill Hole & Other Rules For Trading Juniors

Agoracom recently posted a list of 10 important rules for trading juniors. I want to highlight some that I had to learned the hard way. Assets in the ground and financing aren’t everything. A great management team (25+ years experience … Continue reading

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Biofuel Crops & Oil Speculation Illinois researchers concluded from a “detailed land analysis” that cultivating biofuel crops on available land “could produce up to half of the world’s current fuel consumption”. This is America. It is known that China, while having started 30 years … Continue reading

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Did any commodity(ies) gain during last week’s tumbling of commodities?

During last week’s tumbling of most commodities, including gold, silver, and base metals, my portfolio, with a focus on metals and commodities, dropped 10.87%. Gold price was at a 6-week low of $1360 but was able to defended its 200-day … Continue reading

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