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$EUR/USD: Backtest Notes, 20 d 1h (8/27)

CONCLUSION:  At ST market tops and bottoms, DMI diverges on average 24.45, signalling that the market can no longer sustain the slope of the trend. A total of 10 flashes, with a low of 14 and a high of 35 … Continue reading

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#Silver Technical Analysis (8/23)

Expect continuation of uptrend once the correction is complete. Silver did bounced off prior support levels, also an area of confluence (see 1-hr chart comments below). That prior support level rests just above the 180-day EMA. The white metal finished … Continue reading

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Market Tops Series (Part 1): 8 Dollar Corn

While no two moments are exactly the same here are highlights of general market tops characteristics specifically for corn: 1) Later stage bases are more likely to fail and corn failed to form a 3rd base. 2) Fear is stronger … Continue reading

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Chart: $LE_F (Cattle) Looking To Move Off Its Base

Cattle Front Month: One-Year Chart. Cattle has been basing for over a month now after parachuting to lows. I use the one-month chart to identify major moves. Changing conditions in the fundamentals could drive Cattle prices above 23/30 EMA. RSI indicator: … Continue reading

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Major Fundamentals That Move Interest Rates And The Bond Market (w/ links to relevant economics releases)

Highlights (with important links) of major fundamentals that affect interest rates, thereby, moving the bond market. It is known that there is a negative correlation between interest rates and U.S. Treasury bonds (and notes). During times of rising interest rates, … Continue reading

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Don’t Fall In Love With A Drill Hole & Other Rules For Trading Juniors

Agoracom recently posted a list of 10 important rules for trading juniors. I want to highlight some that I had to learned the hard way. Assets in the ground and financing aren’t everything. A great management team (25+ years experience … Continue reading

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How To Create Mind-Numbing Profits From The Volatility in Silver

All my previous prices expectations for silver did not account for margin hikes by the exchanges. What are these margin hikes? Various commodities exchanges set a margin on commodities futures e.g. oil, silver, etc. While the CME claims that they … Continue reading

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